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Rob Dougan, also known as Rob D (born 1969 Sydney, Australia) is a genre-blending music composer.[1] Mixing elements of orchestral music, trip hop, and bluesy vocals, his work is tangentially relatable to electronic music. He was known primarily for his breakthrough 1995 single "Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino variation)", popularised by 1999's The Matrix soundtrack. "Clubbed to Death" was released on his debut album Furious Angels in 2001, seven years after its initial release.


In 1990, Rob Dougan's friend Rollo brought him from Australia to London. From 1991 to 1995, "Rob D" was a DJ and remix artist. In 1994 his remixes started charting in the UK. He also released his first single, "Hard Times".

In 1995, his hit single "Clubbed to Death" gave him a recognised name in the UK dance club scene. He produced almost a dozen remixes of it, including the fan-favourite "Kurayamino Variation". His label Mo'Wax Records was so pleased they commissioned him the follow-up "Clubbed to Death 2" (later the bonus track on the album). CTD2 Initially appeared on the James Lavelle disc of the 1996 DJ mix compilation Cream Live 2.

"Furious Angels" was not released on Mowax but Dougan eventually released it as a single in 1998 with his new label Cheeky Records. Dougan toiled six more years, doing remixes and licensing his tracks, in order to self-produce the album exactly like he intended it: backed by a full orchestra and a full choir.

In 1999, his exposure increased dramatically when his "Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation)" was featured on the soundtrack of The Matrix, but this hit remained the only public face of then "Rob D". He has also provided remixes of songs by U2, Moby and Kylie Minogue, and contributed two more tracks to the soundtrack of 2003's Matrix sequel The Matrix Reloaded, Château and Kung Fu (A shortened version of "Furious Angels" made for "The Matrix Reloaded"). Also on The Matrix Reloaded DVD the background movie has the I'm Not Driving Anymore Instrumental soundtrack.

In 2002 in the UK, and 2003 in the rest of the world, he eventually released his debut album Furious Angels to critical acclaim[2] and some surprise from the new tone of his work, as well as from his own Leonard Cohen-esque gravel-voiced vocals. Later in 2003, a two-disc re-release of Furious Angels featured all-instrumental versions on the second disc.

In 2006, Dougan was reportedly writing "a couple of songs" for Sugababes, and working on two albums of his own — one original, one classical.[3]

As of April 27, 2008 Rob Dougan is mentioned in a wine blog as an owner of a wine vineyard La Peira En Damaisela, leaving numerous questions about the supposed 2 albums he had been working on. [4]

A short film by Solange Azagury Partridge features new music by Rob Dougan, the short film does not say the song title.


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