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“Mattyas” is a singer with long history. He started his music career some years ago but under another name and music style.
His songs were on various compilations all around Europe and some of them really hit the charts in many countries, until everything changed.
Mattyas prepared his first hit song titled “Secret love” with deepside deejays as producers at the first beginning. Deepside deejays are also the composers of the smash international hit “lucky lucky, i ll do you like a truck”.
In 2006 opened the concert given by Vaya con dios in Bucharest. The live performance of the concert was released on cd by EMI international.
Mattyas has also coexisted in an album which was released worldwide by EMI International, together with international famous artists like Ricky Martin, Jmp, Pachanga etc.
In the summer of 2010 under the guidance of his new manager he entirely changes the sound and the style of songs releasing “Secret love” which became imediatelly a smash hit in many countries
In November 2010, he relases the single "missing you" becoming no.1 in many countries, even entering radios in United states and Asia.
Mattyas also prepared his next single "Mi amor" which will soon be released expecting to have the same fate...

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